467 Postblog: List of all sources used

This page includes full citations for all sources used in the 467 Postblog series of posts. You can find an introduction to the series here.

Air Ministry 1944, Lancaster I, III & X Pilot’s and Flight Engineer’s Notes, Air Publication 2062A, C & F – P.N. May 1944. Reproduction, published by Crecy Publishing Limited, 1a Ringway Trading Estate, Shadowmoss Road, Manchester M22 5LH

Amiens Raid, on the Australian War Memorial website at http://www.awm.gov.au/units/event_223.asp

Audis, Roger, pers. comm. Roger was the 9 Squadron Historian, based in Bardney in the UK

Australian War Memorial Films:

F01372: RAAF over Europe

F02607: Ammunition Dump at Sable-sur-Sarthes; http://www.awm.gov.au/collection/F02607/

Bending, K 2005. Achieve Your Aim: The History of 97 (Straits Settlements) Squadron in the Second World War. Woodfield Publishing

Blundell, H.M. & 463-467 Squadrons Association N.S.W. Tour Committee 1975. They Flew From Waddington! – 463-467 Lancaster Squadrons, Royal Australian Air Force. Privately published, copy available at Australian War Memorial: VU940.54494 T419

Bowman, Martin W 2003 (reprinted 2006 and 2009). The Men Who Flew the Mosquito. Pen & Sword Aviation, an imprint of Pen & Sword Books Ltd, 47 Church St, Barnsley, South Yorkshire S70 2AS. ISBN 184415891

Burkett, Molly & Gilbert, Geoff 2004. Not Just Another Milk Run – The Mailly-le-Camp Bomber Raid. Barny Books, Hough on the Hill, Grantham, Lincs ISBN 1 903172 51 9

Colpus, Jack 2003. Interview transcript #1165 at the Australians at War Film Archive:


Conway, Dan M.B.E. (Civil), D.F.C. 1995. The Trenches in the Sky: What it was like flying in RAF Bomber and Transport Commands in World War II. Hesperian Press, Victoria Park and Carlisle, Western Australia. ISBN 0 85905 205 2

Fallon, Brian Milton 2006. Press On Regardless: Memories of Bomber Command. Privately published posthumously.

Flying Logbooks:

Easton, Arnold – supplied by Max Williams

Purcell, R.W. (Jack), from author’s own collection

Smith, D.P. (Phil), by kind permission of Mollie Smith

Johnston, A.D. (Dale), supplied by Dale Higgins

Hadaway, Stuart 2008 (reprinted 2012). Missing Believed Killed: Casualty Policy and the Missing Research and Enquiry Service 1939-1952. Pen & Sword Aviation, an imprint of Pen & Sword Books, 47 Church Street, Barnsley, South Yorkshire S70 2AS

Hannaford, Dudley 2000. Mission Incomplete. Privately published, printed by Kingsgrove Press Pty Ltd, 43-45 Kingsway, Kingsgrove NSW

Harris, Air Chief Marshal Sir Arthur T. Despatch on War Operations: 23rd February 1942 to 8th May 1945. First published 1995 by Frank Cass & Co Ltd, Newbury House, 900 Eastern Ave London IG2 7HH ISBN 0 7146 4692 X. Available at Google Books at http://books.google.com.au/books?id=hG1C6j7iNpAC

Hastings, Max 1979. Bomber Command. Michael Joseph Ltd London ISBN 0 330 26236 X

Grand Outidien du Nord de la France: The Heroic Resistance of the People of Cambrai. Nord Eclair No. 120, 22MAY47. Translated by an unknown source; transcript from the collection of Mollie Smith

Johnston, Fannie. Personal correspondence 1944-1948, various. In Mollie Smith’s collection.

Jozefiak, Richard 1995. Crash of a RAF bomber occurred on the airfield Vendeville (Lesquin) during the Second World War. Unpublished manuscript, translated by Peter Harvey.

Kingsford-Smith, Rollo 1999. I wouldn’t have missed it for quids. Self-published, Exeter (NSW). Extract at http://www.467463raafsquadrons.com/TrueTales/r_kingsford-smith.htm

Lawrence, W.J. 1951. No. 5 Bomber Group, R.A.F. 1939-1945, Faber and Faber Limited, 24 Russell Square, London W.C.1

LeClercq, Joss 2002. Only One Would Survive. Unpublished manuscript written for a commemorative exhibition held by Antiq’ Air Flandres-Artois at Forest-sur-Marque, France, 9-11 November 2002

Middlebrook, Martin 1973. The Nuremburg Raid 30-31 March 1944. Allan Lane, a division of Penguin Books Ltd, 21 John St, London WC1N 2BT. ISBN 0 7139 0612 X

National Archives of Australia, miscellaneous:

NAA: A705, 166/20/131: SMITH, Donald Phillip Smeed – (Squadron Leader); Service Number – DFC 400495; File type – Casualty – Repatriatin; Aircraft – Lancaster LM475; Place – France; Date – 10 May 1944

NAA: A10605, 1047/1: Volume 2 – No 467 Squadron, RAAF No 5 Group – Personnel Occurrence Report – Officers 1/1944 – 49/1944, Airmen 1/1944 – 54/1944, 11 Jan 1944 – 26 Dec 1944

NAA: A11234, 34/AIR: No 463 (RAAF) Squadron: Operations – ‘Special Tasks’

NAA: AWM64, 1/434: Historical Documents. No 467 Squadron, January 1943 – November 1944. Document held at the Australian War Memorial.

NAA: A705, 166/33/64: PURCHELL, Royston William – (Warrant Officer); Service Number – 412686; File type – Casualty – Repatriation; Aircraft – Lancaster LM475; Place – Lille, France; Date – 10 May 1944 [Note typo in name is from NAA]

NAA: A705, 166/32/380: PATE, Gilbert Firth – (Flight Sergeant); Service number – 423311; File type – Casualty – Repatriation; Aircraft – Lancaster Mk 111 LM475; Place – Lille, France; Date – 10/11 May 1944

NAA: A705, 166/20/131: JOHNSTON, Alastair Dale – (Flight Sergeant); Service Number – 425413; File type – Casualty – Repatriation; Aircraft – Lancaster LM475; Place – Lille, France; Date – 10 May 1944

Nelson, Hank 2002. Chased by the Sun. ABC Books, Sydney. ISBN 07333 1070-2

Night Raid Reports:

The National Archives of the UK (TNA): Public Record Office (PRO), AIR 14/3411, B.C. (O.R.S.) Final Reports on operations, Night Raids Nos. 416-620, September 1943 to May 1944, vol. 4

Nordmeyer, Helmut 2006. Chronik der Stadt Frankfurt am Main Vol. 5: Die Entwicklung zur modernen Großstadt 1866-1945.  Institut für Stadtgeschichte [Institute for City History], Karmeliterkloster, Frankfurt-am-Main. Translated by Hugh Beyer.

Operational Record Books:

National Archives of Australia: Department of Air, Central Office; A9186, RAAF Unit History Sheets (Form A50) [Operations Record Books – Forms A50 and A51], 1942-1945; Items

1944/153 Unit history of number 467 Squadron – December 1942 to October 1945

1944/150 Unit history of number 463 Squadron – November 1942 to September 1945

The National Archives of the UK (TNA): Public Record Office (PRO):

AIR27/488 No 50 Squadron: Operations Record Book

AIR 27/579 No 61 Squadron: Operations Record Book

AIR27/768 No 97 Squadron: Operations Record Book

AIR27/2148 No 627 Squadron: Operations Record Book

AIR27/128 No 9 Squadron: Operations Record Book. With appendices.

Over, Dennis. Various posts from the Lancaster Archive Forum, 2008-2012: http://www.lancaster-archive.com/forum

Pate, Gilbert. Personal correspondence 1942-1944, various. By kind permission of Gil Thew

Prowd, Keith 2003. Interview transcript #1049 at the Australians at War Film Archive:


Rackley, Lionel. Interview transcript #0853 at the Australians at War Film Archive:


RAF Bomber Command 60th Anniversary Campaign Diary, UK Ministry of Defence:

January 1944: http://www.raf.mod.uk/bombercommand/jan44.html

February 1944: http://www.raf.mod.uk/bombercommand/feb44.html

March 1944: http://www.raf.mod.uk/bombercommand/mar44.html

April 1944: http://www.raf.mod.uk/bombercommand/apr44.html

May 1944: http://www.raf.mod.uk/bombercommand/may44.html

Rees, Peter 2013. Lancaster Men: The Aussie Heroes of Bomber Command. Allen & Unwin, 83 Alexander St, Crows Nest NSW 2065 Australia. ISBN 978 1 74175 207 6

Robertson, Bruce 1964. Lancaster – The Story of a Famous Bomber. Harleyford Publications Limited, Letchworth, Herts.

Rodgers, C. Wade 1988. There’s No Future In It. Self-published. Courtesy Neale Wellman

Sanders, Noel 2003. Interview transcript #0526 at the Australians at War Film Archive, http://www.australiansatwarfilmarchive.gov.au/aawfa/interviews/877.aspx

Searby, John 1991. The Bomber Battle for Berlin. Guild Publishing, by arrangement with Airlife Publishing Ltd. CN 5075.

Service Records:

National Archives of Australia: Department of Air, Central Office; A9300, RAAF Officers Personnel files, 1921-1948; Items:

SMITH D P S; SMITH DONALD PHILIP SMEED : Service Number – 400495 : Date of birth – 13 Mar 1917 : Place of birth – SYDNEY NSW : Place of enlistment – MELBOURNE : Next of Kin – SMITH DONALD

PURCELL ROYSTON WILLIAM : Service Number – 412686 : Date of birth – 09 Mar 1922 : Place of birth – WERRIS CREEK NSW : Place of enlistment – SYDNEY : Next of Kin – PURCELL EDWARD

HEMSWORTH HUGH GEORGE ELLARD : Service Number – 412510 : Date of birth – 06 Apr 1922 : Place of birth – SYDNEY NSW : Place of enlistment – SYDNEY : Next of Kin – HEMSWORTH ANABEL

DOUBLEDAY ARTHUR WILLIAM : Service Number – 402945 : Date of birth – 26 Apr 1912 : Place of birth – COOLAMON NSW : Place of enlistment – SYDNEY : Next of Kin – DOUBLEDAY PHYLLIS

Smith, Phil. Personal correspondence, documents, newspaper articles and photographs 1940-1945, various. By kind permission of Mollie Smith

Smith, Phil, date unknown. Phil’s Recollections of 1939-1945 War. Typescript written for his grandson, probably in the late 1990s. By kind permission of Mollie Smith

Storr, Alan 2006:

Second World War fatalities: 463 Squadron RAAF, RAF Bomber Command AWM: RC09125.013, digital copy at http://www.awm.gov.au/collection/RC09125.013

RAAF World War 2 Fatalities: v. 16 – RAAF WW2 fatalities 467 RAF Bomber Command AWM: RC09125.016, digital copy at http://www.awm.gov.au/collection/RC09125.016

Target Photographs: From the collection of C Wade Rodgers, 630 Squadron pilot. Used with kind permission of Neale Wellman

Taylor, Geoff 1979. The Nuremberg Massacre. Hutchinson Group (Australia) Pty Ltd. 30-32 Cremorne St, Richmond, Victoria. ISBN 0 09 135400 5

The National Archives UK (TNA): Public Record Office, AIR 78, Air Ministry and Ministry of Defence: Department of the Air Member for Personnel: Index to Airmen and Airwomen

Victoria Cross citation: Sergeant Norman Cyril Jackson, published in London Gazette, 26 October 1945, as reproduced at http://www.victoriacross.org.uk/bbjackso.htm

Wakelam, Randall T. 2009, The Science of Bombing: Operational Research in RAF Bomber Command. University of Toronto Press Incorporated, Toronto Buffalo London. ISBN 978-0-8020-9629-6

Wilson, Betty 1944. Boarding with the Bombers: Salome and the Operational Egg at a British Station. Sydney Morning Herald, 20MAY44. Copy in Phil Smith’s collection, by kind permission of Mollie Smith. Also available at Trove: http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article27938742

Woods, Laurie  2003. Flying into the Mouth of Hell. Australian Military History Publications, 13 Veronica Place, Loftus NSW 2232

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