When I was young my father showed me a small blue felt-covered notebook. It was the flying logbook of my great uncle Jack, a Lancaster navigator in WWII.

That simple act kicked off a fascination with all things aeronautical. That fascination has now become, well, Something Very Big for me. Here were seven young men, from vastly different backgrounds, all by immense forces well beyond their control or understanding brought together to the one place at the one time – inside that Lancaster as it flew over Northern France in May 1944. They were normal, everyday lads caught up in extraordinary circumstances. I’ve realised that it’s a fascinating story and it’s one that deserves to be told.

This, I hope, is the story of That Thing Very Big and where it is leading me – and other Bomber Command-related bits and pieces.

Adam Purcell

Melbourne, Australia

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9 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Adam
    You replied to one of my posts on Lancaster-Archive re 463 Squadron in which you advised me through a private message the email address of the Squadron Association in Sydney. I have had some computer trouble and lost some of my records. Could you please forward them again to the above email address. It would be much appreciated.
    Colin Edwards

  2. Hi!
    I have just left you a post on the Lancaster Forum…. I would be most interested in your great-uncle Jack’s time at Winthorpe. I have a few bits from a pilot’s log who was with 1661 HCU there and am trying to build a bigger picture of the crew training. Looking at a navigator’s log would be really useful.
    Many thanks

    1. G’day Andrew,
      As noted on the forum, I have a few things ongoing at the moment but I’ll have a look at copying stuff for you later this week…


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