I hate moving.

I’m in the middle of moving house interstate…  so everything’s all packed up and, mostly, in Mum and Dad’s garage. This morning I took down the B707 print from my wall… and so the flat is now looking rather depressing.

To cheer myself up, here’s the next update from Steve…

I’ve made some progress and a few revisions (see attached).  I decided the vast expanse of concrete was all rather too much and have resorted to the same fudge used in so many “dispersal” paintings – mud and grass and tyre ruts leading into the picture.  Still a lot to do there but you get the idea.  The GPU is there with an attending erk but not quite at the plugging in stage – I need to suggest the lead though. 

little-lancaster_41 copy

We have propellers! We have more Lancasters! We have an erk! We have a battery cart! We have (crucially) an entrance door into the aeroplane! We have… erm… (one, two, three, four, five, six) six crew!

Perhaps the seventh airman is pedalling furiously from the ops block on his bicycle…

One thought on “I hate moving.

  1. Hi Adam

    This looks fantastic. What talent eh?
    I understand the moving thing.
    I have only been in ACT for 3 months. I have goods in my garage here and in Petersham. This house is too cold to remain in for next winter so I guess I will pack up and move again.
    I hope all works out well for you. One must pursue their dreams.


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